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Golf in Sardinia - Region of the Month

Sardinia is the second biggest Italian island, located south of Corsica and west of Lazio and Campania. This region is very rich in history, traditions, natural wonders and beautiful cities.

Golf in Sicily - Region of the Month

Sicily is a region located in the South of Italy with a pleasant climate and some of the best shores in the country.

Cinque Terre at sunset with village and seashore

Golf in Liguria - Region of the Month

Liguria is a region located in the North-Western side of the country, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and sharing its west border with France.

Royal Golf Dar Es Salam course and water obstacle view

Morocco golf destination: two pro tournaments, maxi-investments and 11 million tourists (for now)

Morocco confirms its place as one of the world's golf destinations with this double event in Rabat. Behind the scenes of the Hassan II Golf Trophy and Lalla Meryem Cup, which have just ended.

Golf in Emilia Romagna - Region of the Month

Emilia Romagna is a region located in the North-Eastern side of the country, overlooking the Adriatic Sea to the East and the Appennini Mountains to the West.

Golf in Umbria - Region of the Month

Umbria is a region located in the central area of Italy and is home to some of the best natural landscapes and historical landmarks in the whole country.

Italy Golf Map

Despite being a very well-known tourist destination, to this day, many people are still asking (and googling) whether Italy has golf courses or not.

Golf in Veneto - Region of the Month

Veneto is a region located in the north-eastern side of Italy and is home to some of the most inspiring and renowned cities and environments.

Ship your Golf Clubs

How to Ship Golf Clubs

When it comes to traveling with one’s golf clubs - as we’ve discussed in the previous post - it can get tricky and not pleasant, to say the least. If you’re tired of feeling anxious whenever your golf bag is being handled by airport personnel - or if you’ve already had your golf clubs damaged on a flight - this article is for you.
Turin and Le Betulle Golf Club view

Golf in Piedmont - Region of the Month

Piedmont is a region located in northern Italy and is home to some of the best natural and mountain landscapes in Italy and in the Alps region. Its golfing tradition began very early on, when Italy only had a couple of golf courses nationwide - when the foundations of Castelconturbia Golf Club (the first golf course in Piedmont) were set in 1898. Let’s briefly explore this wonderful region together: